The MagPi — Issue 106

Inside The MagPi magazine #106

  • Big Builds. Sometimes you feel the need to make something a little bigger. Whether it’s an arcade or pinball machine, photo booth, guitar or magic mirror. These are the builds that make a big impression.

  • Summer Projects. Something for the summer months? Get outside with Raspberry Pi when camping, gardening, or track the weather from home. This collection of amazing projects takes the tech outside.

  • Discover Picoth 2FA. This wonderful device uses Raspberry Pi Pico and a Keybow to create a 2FA (two-factor authentication device). Keep yourself safe with Raspberry Pi.

  • Build a Raspberry Pi Ri. This build by MythBusters’ Elijah Horland expands Raspberry Pi 400 with a built-in breadboard and tucked away T-Connector.

  • Re-use a floppy drive with Raspberry Pi. The Floppy Controller Board project can hook up a classic floppy disk drive with Raspberry Pi.

  • Using a Tiny Mac. It’s like a Mac classic, but smaller.

  • Set up a Pico Burglar Alarm. Learn to detect movement with a Pico and PIR movement sensor.

  • Make Pico Voice. Hook up a microphone to Raspberry Pi Pico and build your own voice-altering box.

  • THine Cable Extension kit reviewed. Use your HQ Camera up to 20m away.

  • Win! Grove Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico.