Hidden Hacks for Raspberry Pi in The MagPi magazine issue #116

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

The latest edition of The MagPi magazine is packed with all the tips, tricks and secret hints that The MagPi team has picked up over the years. These hidden hacks will make you a better Raspberry Pi user, and there’s bound to be something new for even the most seasoned user. We’ve also got a fantastic night sky photography feature, plus some of the best projects and tutorials around.

Hidden Hacks for Raspberry Pi

Hidden Hacks for Raspberry Pi

Get even more from your computer with our Hidden Hacks feature. We’ve got tips for the terminal, hacks for headless and hostnames, physical hints for the hardware, and Raspberry Pi OS software secrets. In short: there is a massive collection of tips & tricks that every Raspberry Pi owner should know. 

Shoot for the stars: Raspberry Pi Astrophotography

Shoot for the stars

Astrophotography is a fantastic hobby and Raspberry Pi is the ideal star capturing device. In this feature, you will discover how to go about exploring the night sky with Raspberry Pi and a few (low-cost) additions. It’s an educational tour, and a wonderful demonstration of what you can achieve with a single-board computer. 

ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi Cassette

ZX Spectrum Raspberry Pi Cassette project

Would you believe that the Sinclair Spectrum is 40-years-old this April? We found it hard as well. This wonderful project cuts down a Raspberry Pi Zero and fits it inside a Boots C90 cassette tape.

Penkesu Computer

Penkesu Computer

Pop Raspberry Pi in your pocket with this stunning retro computer. Penk Check decided to build a small computer with a mechanical keyboard and a 7.9-inch touchscreen display.  The result is a delightful computer that’s both ultra-modern and classic at the same time.

Kimberlina Droid

Kimberlina Droid

This droid, which takes inspiration from Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones, packs quite the punch. Selin Ornek’s battlebot won her first prize at Coolest Projects. 

Set up a digital audio workstation

Set up a digital audio workstation

KG continues an exploration of MIDI and mt-32 digital audio solutions for Raspberry Pi. This month they build a  digital audio workstation that runs Reaper software.

8BitDo Arcade Stick review

8BitDo Arcade Stick tested

Another excellent option for Raspberry Pi realtor gaming is this arcade stick. It packs weight and heft, plus enough inputs to accommodate even the busiest button basher.

10 Amazing Robot Projects

10 Amazing Robot projects

The best-wheeled buddies a person can build; and one that crawls along on cardboard legs. This month we look at the very best robots built by The MagPi readers. 

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