The MagPi — Issue 116

Inside The MagPi magazine #116

  • Hidden Hacks for Raspberry Pi. We unearth the Rasperry Pi secrets every owner should know

  • Capture the night sky with astrophotography. Take incredible photos of starry skies with Raspberry Pi

  • The top 10 Raspberry Pi robots. An incredible collection of mechanical friends built by The MagPi readers

  • Raspberry Pi Spectrum inside a cassette tape. Celebrate 40 years of Sinclair’s classic computer by putting Raspberry Pi inside a Boots’ C90 cassette tape

  • Learn ARM assembly language. Speak the language of computing by learning assembly with Raspberry Pi

  • Set up a digital audio workstation. Build a powerful MIDI workstation with Reaper and Raspberry Pi

  • WIN! 8BITDO Pro 2 controllers up for grabs


P55. The copy in Step 9 “Control your MIDI instruments” should read:

Currently, we can’t control mt32-pi’s instruments. Go to your track control panel at the left of the timeline and click the FX button next to the volume slider. Select VST: ReaControlMIDI (Cockos). ReaControl’s settings will now open. Tick the Enable box under Bank/Program Select, then click the Load File button a little below it. Select GM.reabank from the file manager window this opens. From the Bank pull-down, select General MIDI. From the Program pull-down, select any instrument that takes your fancy. It should immediately be applied, so you can try out different voices by hitting a few notes on your keyboard. Follow the same steps to add more tracks.