The MagPi — Issue 96

Inside The MagPi magazine #96

  • 25 No-problem projects. Put a new Raspberry Pi to good use with these inspiring, but do-able projects.

  • Build the ultimate home music system. Want house-wide audio without the price tag? PJ Evans has you covered. This Raspberry Pi touch screen system beats professional builds hands down.

  • Robot car test. We’ve got our hands on a PiCar-V Kit 2.0 and put it through some paces. Is this four-wheeled wonder the right robot for you?

  • 10 summer projects. Beat the heat with these Raspberry Pi builds.

  • Run Windows 98 software. Boot Raspberry Pi to Windows 9x and run classic software with DOSBox-X. KG Orphanides has all the information you need to get the classic Windows experience on Raspberry Pi.

  • Stop motion and selfies with the High Quality Camera. Add a shutter button to your camera and use it to take pictures, and stop motion video.

  • Secure remote access. Access a Raspberry Pi remotely while keeping the open port hidden from prying eyes.

  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino oscilloscope. Mike Cook puts two boards together and samples signals at 1MHz. It’s a great build for audio work.

  • Make making accessible. Ensure that everyone can join in with the fun of your builds by making them accessible to the widest possible audience.

  • Learn C with Raspberry Pi. Discover the underlying principles of computing and learn a solid programming language with these books, tutorials, and courses.

  • Project Zed. The mighty robot being built by a talented maker in Uganda.

  • International Space Station Tracker. Use a Raspberry Pi and e-paper display to keep an eye on the space station’s whereabouts.

  • PiMowBot. The brilliant robotic lawn mower aiming to cut the grass for you.

  • OpenFlexure Microscope. Cutting the cost of disease detection with a 3D printed research-grade microscope.