The MagPi — Issue 94

Inside The MagPi magazine #94

  • 8GB Raspberry Pi 4. Where to buy, and how to make the most of 8GB RAM. Plus! Exclusive interview with Eben Upton on the upgrade to 8GB and the march to 64-bit computing.

  • Develop a 3D camera. Use two Raspberry Pi Zero computers and High Quality Camera modules to record stunning 3D images.

  • Make a digital SLR. Hack an official case to look like a digital camera.

  • HAL 9000. Using Google Assistant to recreate the computer from the classic movie 2001.

  • Game of Life. A beautiful tribute to John Conway with Raspberry Pi and four 8x8 Adafruit LED grids.

  • Building a thermal camera. How Martin Mander turned a library scanner into a handheld thermal camera.

  • Smart Doorbell. One reader used a Raspberry Pi, camera, and screen to build a two-way video intercom system.

  • Giant Battleships. Playing a classic game of Battleships on a giant LED matrix

  • Coffee Maker ‘Greenhouse’. Upcycling an old coffee machine into a plant-watering gardening assistant.

  • BeeMonitor. Keeping an eye on bee life cycles with Raspberry Pi and live hive data.

  • Raspberry Pi loft bed. Transforming a loft with LED lights and an embedded display.