The MagPi — Issue 93

Inside The MagPi magazine #93

  • Make a Sense HAT rainbow display. Bright colours put a smile on most peoples’ faces. Join the rainbow parade with a light display.

  • Get started with the High Quality Camera. Find out how to set up the new Raspberry Pi camera, connect it, and take your first shots and videos.

  • Make an Etch-A-Sketch. Use rotary encoders to create a special Etch-A-Sketch device.

  • ZX Spectrum Next reviewed. Raspberry Pi Zero adds audio and realistic loading to this reimagined ZX Spectrum computer

  • Learn Java and Electronics. Let’s get started with Java 11 with Raspberry Pi and some basic components

  • Explore the Internet of Things. Upgrade your home – or just have some fun – with these amazing IoT projects

  • The 10 best upcycling projects. Have some old tech lying around your home? Get inspired to recycle it…

  • Learn JavaScript with Raspberry Pi. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages out there. PJ Evans opens his code editor

  • Win! HQ Cameras, 6mm lens kits and our new Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide 132-page book.