The MagPi — Issue 92

Your Raspberry Pi problems solved in the latest edition of The MagPi. Plus! Track local weather and pollution, add facial recognition to a magic mirror, and tweet with a hacked Morse code key.

Inside The MagPi magazine #92

  • Solve Raspberry Pi problems. Learn to diagnose and fix issues with Raspberry Pi. Get rid of glitches and odd behaviour, sort out boot problems, reconnect networking problems, and discover advanced troubleshooting tips.

  • Track weather and pollution with Raspberry Pi. Set up a Raspberry Pi to measure air quality, humidity, UV monitoring, and make your own weather forecasts.

  • Tweet with a hacked Morse code key. Learn Morse and send tweets using a simple switch!

  • Add facial recognition to a magic mirror. Take your mirror to the next level with customised responses based on who gazes into it.

  • Discover Instaclock. Building a clock with Raspberry Pi computers and twin screens that take images from Instagram.

  • Make a safe cracker game. Use continuously rotating control for Raspberry Pi to create a rotary encoder game.

  • Solar-powered security camera. Set up an eye in the sky using Raspberry Pi. This camera can be placed in the garden, and provides itself with power.

  • Make bread with a sourdough incubator. Here’s a radical baker using his loaf. The Chamber Sourdough Incubator uses a Raspberry Pi to keep a starter at the correct temperature.

  • Top 10 audio projects. Want to build something that sounds amazing? Here are ten amazing sound-based projects.

  • Win! Argon One cooling cases.

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