The MagPi — Issue 91

Get involved with #MonthOfMaking in The MagPi magazine issue 91. Plus! Eben Upton talks to us about the new entry-level Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM.

Inside The MagPi magazine issue #91

  • #MonthOfMaking. Get involved with the community and commit to making something this month. We will help each other to become makers.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM. There’s a brand new entry-level Raspberry Pi 4. It’s still $35 but now comes with 2GB memory. We think this new entry-level model will shake up Raspberry Pi.

  • Starter electronics. Learn all about breadboards, jumper cables, resistors, and components with our guide to attaching electronics to the GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi. Then Simon Monk walks you through some famous starter projects.

  • Build an earthquake detector. Use a Raspberry Shake to build a seismograph, and hook it up to a worldwide community of earthquake-detecting kits. Citizen science at its very finest.

  • Magic mirror modules. Add new features to your magic mirror with our guide to extensions and modules.

  • NexDock 2 reviewed. Hook up your Raspberry Pi to this keyboard-and-screen laptop dock and get a mobile Raspberry Pi computer.

  • Top 10 wearable projects. Turn Raspberry Pi into a smartwatch, fitness tracker, Google Glass-a-like, and even a bow-tie. The most stylish way to wear your Raspberry Pi.

  • Learn SQL and database skills. It’s a solid skill that all coders find handy. Use Raspberry Pi to develop serious data management skills.

  • Plus! Win a signed Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit


P48. Configuring your magic mirror, Step 7. Support for the address: “” has been depreciated. The code is now: “”. Thanks Darren Hill.

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