The MagPi — Issue 87

Build a Raspberry Pi 4K Digital Media Hub with our feature-packed tutorial in the latest issue of The MagPi magazine. It’s the ideal practical project that makes superb use of the new power found in Raspberry Pi 4.

Plus! All this inside The MagPi issue #87

  • Make a cluster computer. Strap four Raspberry Pi 4 computers together and learn to code a supercomputer
  • Hack your kitchen. Make a Raspberry Pi heat-sensor cooking aid, and discover the best projects for cooking precision-perfect food.
  • The Top 10 AI Projects. Self-driving cars, vision-detecting devices, super-smart game chess robots, and autonomous quadcopters.
  • Learn to code with kids’ toys. The best board games and children’s toys to learn coding and computing skills.
  • Build a robot with sensors. Make a line-following and obstacle-avoiding bot with sensor modules.
  • Hack a GraviTrax. Use servo motors to control a marble run game.
  • Make retro game maps and levels. Use PICO-8 to create video games.
  • Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 review. Keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool with this heat sink case.
  • The best new projects. From DNA scanners to spacebound cryptography scanners, we’ve got the greatest Raspberry Pi projects around!
  • Win! SmartPi Touch 2 touchscreen cases.