The MagPi — Issue 85

Can you do everything with a $55 computer? We’ve been pretty confident about using Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM as our main desktop PC. This month we put it to the test, by getting one of our best makers to use nothing but Raspberry Pi 4 for a week. And report back the results!

PJ Evans has written a seven-day diary experience of using Raspberry Pi 4 as a desktop PC replacement. It’s packed with advice, tips and tricks. The best replacement apps and online services and what works, and what isn’t so good.

It’s a thoughtful piece packed with useful insights. A vital read for any Raspberry Pi 4 owner.

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Plus! All this inside The MagPi 85

  • Build a Super-fast NAS drive Make your own gigabit file server with Raspberry Pi 4
  • Make amazing 8-bit sprites Create stunning retro visuals with PICO-8
  • RockyBorg Robot reviewed Three-wheeler runs riot around Raspberry Pi-towers
  • Build a GPIO Music box Create a customisable music machine that you control at the touch of a button
  • Develop GUI combo boxes and lists Create combo boxes for user input and associate list stores with them
  • Hit up Pi Fighter Gamify real-world boxing with a Raspberry Pi punchbag
  • Watch the Bird Feed Monitor Use Raspberry Pi to catch snaps of birds in your garden
  • Code a Rocket Rescue game Use Squeeze controllers to build a space game
  • Plus! Win Raspberry Pi cases

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