The MagPi — Issue 79

Join our #MonthOfMaking and let’s help each other make amazing things. We’ve got eleven projects to help starters get going. Plus! Tips and tools for more advanced makers.

In this month’s The MagPi you’ll find fun kits, robotics, music projects, arcade cabinets, smart home projects, and drones. There’s a make for everybody, and we’re going to share the things we make online.

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Plus! All this inside The MagPi 79

  • Build a Teachable Machine. Use Google’s new Coral USB Accelerator to build a machine that learns to identify objects
  • Develop an Android app. Build and deploy Android apps on a Raspberry Pi
  • Tortoise Fridge. Keep a tortoise safe during hibernation with temperature sensors and an old fridge
  • Use ANPR in your projects. Follow the Car Spy Pi project to add number plate recognition to your driveway
  • Top 10 home automation projects. Control your home with these Raspberry Pi kits
  • Win! Mice and Keyboards. Ten brand new Official Raspberry Pi Mice and Keyboard kits up for grabs

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P.40. Build a  Teachable Machine.

  • The Edge TPU/API has been updated and doesn’t install edgetpu in the sudo namespace. See the latest installation instructions on this GitHub page.
  • The image demonstrates a USB Accelerator connected to a Raspberry Pi 3A+. The USB Accelerator does not currently support the 3A+, and we recommend you use a Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+.

P.42. The Teachable Machine. 

sudo cat bcm2835-v4l2 >> /etc/modules

Should read:

echo bcm2835-v4l2 | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

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