The MagPi — Issue 78

This month we demonstrate a love of Arcade Games! We believe play is an ideal way to learn.

So in the latest issue of The MagPi, you’ll find three great game projects bundled together. So power-up your coding,  buff your digital making skills, and get ready to play with these fun projects.

  1. Build a Pinball Machine. Our step-by-step guide will have you making your own ball flipper in no time.
  2. Play PC Games. Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Steam Link machine and stream Windows PC games directly to your humble Pi.
  3. Code a 3D adventure. Start the greatest adventure of all: making your own full videogame.

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Plus! All this inside The MagPi 78

  • Social APIs: Build projects with web services and online games. We show you how to make a Fortnite Ticker
  • Top 10 wearables. Kits and add-ons for your Pi
  • Vintage television hack. Beautiful upcycling
  • Build a telephone exchange. Fun with home automation
  • Make an MP3 player. Use Scratch to make this amazing project
  • Raspberry Puitar. Rocking out with a Pi-powered guitar
  • TinyPi Pro review. It’s really, really small
  • And much more

Need more details. View the contents page for a complete list of what’s in the mag.

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The MagPi is freely licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA-NC 3.0).

You can download this issue free now and forever, but buying in digital & print supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to democratise computing.


In the isometric game tutorial, figure 5 should end with the following lines of code:

def moveP(p, x, y): p[“sx”] += x p[“sy”] += y

Make sure to check your code against the final version on GitHub.

Spotted an error in The MagPi? Let us know in The Raspberry Pi forums.

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