The MagPi — Issue 77

Happy Christmas! If you got a Raspberry Pi under the tree, you may be wondering what you can do with it. Fear not, as we show you how to make with code on the Raspberry Pi. With Python and some electronic components, the sky’s the limit.

Also, while the Raspberry Pi is excellent, it can be made better with accessories. We break down 20 of the best HATs, add-ons, accessories, and more in our big feature. Don’t miss it!

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All this inside The MagPi 77

  • Build a smart door
  • 1970s computing revisited with the PiDP-11
  • The ten best DAC sound add-ons
  • Save files from the command line
  • Gaming with Picade Console
  • And much more!

Need more details? View the contents page for a complete list of what’s in the mag.

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The MagPi is freely licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA-NC 3.0).

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P20: In the Game Bird Recall project showcase, the images are of an earlier prototype of the device – the latest version no longer uses the Witty Pi 2 board for power management. The motion detection system is more complicated than described: not all images are transmitted via GSM, only those that are above a specific delta from the previous frames in the recorded interval; the delta is highlighted with a bounding box and images are also compressed before being transmitted. In addition, the device does not mimic bird calls, but uses actual ornithologist’s recordings of the game bird rally call in the wild.

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