The MagPi — Issue 141

  • Raspberry Pi artificial intelligence made clear. Create personal image diffusers, large language models, and smart robots, cameras and speech assistants
  • Recreate a PiDP-10 retro computer. Get back in time with this amazing mainframe recreation

  • How to code perfect Python functions. Build a command line application and learn how functions work

  • Control an industrial robot arm. Use a MyCobot 280 robot arm with Raspberry Pi and CDP Studio

  • Raspberry Pi 5 cases on test! Which case is right for you? We’ve tested nearly all of them

  • Plus! Win Raspberry Pi screens


On page 39 as part of the ‘Build an artist-respecting image diffuser’ tutorial, the last code block on step 07 should read:

$ pip install diffusers

$ pip install transformers

$ pip install torch torchvision torchaudio --index-url

$ pip install accelerate

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