The MagPi — Issue 123

Build your own smart home setup using Raspberry Pi Pico W in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine.

Inside The MagPi magazine issue #123

  • Build a smart home. Discover the best automation hardware and smart home projects. Then follow our in-depth home lighting tutorial.

  • Pico-powered Christmas lights. Upgrade your tree with stunning LEDs this holiday.

  • Build a heat and humidity dashboard. Use a temperature sensor and IoT dashboard to monitor your environment.

  • Incredible projects! Read all about PoleFX, a Raspberry Pi-powered pole dancing studio, CyberDog Smart Saddle, and a whole Penguin colony being monitored by your favourite tiny computer.

  • Plus! Win Tufty 2040 LCD kits.


P.60. Pico W IoT with Anvil: Weather dashboard. The code in Step 8 should be:

data = anvil.server.call_s("dht11read")
self.Sensor.text = data

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