The MagPi — Issue 119

Inside The MagPi magazine #119

  • Raspberry Pi Pico W. In-depth guide to Raspberry Pi’s new RP2040 microcontroller-based development board with engineering interviews.

  • Bringing KITT back to life. How one maker is using voice recordings and LED displays to bring the inspirational AI assistant from Knight Rider to life.

  • Build an abstract art installation. Use Raspberry Pi to create abstract images and display them on an LCD screen.

  • Reuse your Raspberry Pi. Got an old Raspberry Pi that is feeling unloved? We’ve got some great projects for you to try out.

  • HiWonder SpiderPi. We test out this giant (and frankly, quite scary) robot.

  • Saxophone Light. One maker lights up his musical instrument with Raspberry Pi and LED ring.

  • Plus! Win! Raspberry Pi Pico W boards.


P38. The annotation “Square ground pin” is pointing to the debug pin in the print edition of The MagPi magazine. It should point to the GND pin on the side of Pico W. Thanks to Laurent for the spot.

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