The MagPi — Issue 114

Discover the art of programming and put code to work in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine.

Inside The MagPi magazine issue #114

  • Practical Programming. Build better projects by developing your coding skills.

  • Maker Tools. Discover all the gadgets you need to make better projects in 2022.

  • Create a Teletext television. Wire up Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W to an RCA cable and recreate the classic years of Teletext.

  • Make an RC car using LEGO. Use the new Build HAT to control LEGO motors and build your own programmable remote-control car.

  • Learn AI with Raspberry Pi. Demystify one of the most interesting aspects of modern computing with these resources.

  • Win! TonyPi humanoid robot up for grabs!


P39. Dictionaries

names = {"Jack: 32", "Jill:29", "John:45"}

Should read:

names = {"Jack": 32, "Jill":29, "John":45}

(Thanks to Sammy and Graham for alerting us)

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