The MagPi — Issue 111

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  • Introducing Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. The new quad-core 1GHz CPU is up to five times as fast as the original Zero and is compatible with all current Zero projects and kits.

  • Zero 2 W specifications and hardware guide. Every major component is outlined in full detail.

  • Meet the system in a package. The clever SiP process (a first for Raspberry Pi) enables both the CPU and DRAM to share the same chip. Discover how this new technique makes Zero 2 W possible.

  • X-RAY images of Zero 2 W. A picture says 1,000 words: especially when it reveals a unique Easter Egg behind the SiP.

  • Engineering interview. Eben Upton and Simon Martin talk us through Zero 2 W’s design. We chat with Raspberry Pi’s CEO and Founder and Principal Hardware Engineer.

  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W starter projects. Amazing things to make with your new Zero 2 W computer.

  • Experiment with a different operating system. Experiment with a world of OSes available for Raspberry Pi computers.

  • Explore the world of sensors. Build a gas and fire detector with the first in a new series of tutorials looking at Raspberry Pi sensor projects.

  • Build a Raspberry Pi Pico stream deck. Control your video streams with this useful Keybow 2040 stream deck project.

  • Connect retro MIDI hardware to Raspberry Pi. KG shows us how to hook up classic synths and control them with Raspberry Pi.

  • 10 Amazing Mike Cook projects. The best Mike Cook projects from his time writing for The MagPi.

  • Learn circuit design with Raspberry Pi. Incredible resources that enable you to prototype and build circuit boards.

  • PLUS! Win Waveshare E-Ink Display pHATs.

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