The MagPi — Issue 107

Inside The MagPi magazine #107

  • Become a Raspberry Pi genius. Gain a deeper understanding of Raspberry Pi and learn essential maintenance techniques.

  • Make a weather watcher. Use Raspberry Pi and an e-ink display to tap into a Weather API and build an always-on weather watcher.

  • Recreate the Mars helicopter. One maker has used NASA’s F prime open-source operating system (being used to control Ingenuity on Mars) with an off-the-shelf drone.

  • Brilliant handheld projects. Discover these ‘big builds’ that you can make in a small space.

  • Add vinyl decals to your arcade machine. KG’s incredible arcade machine starts to take shape with the artwork attached. Learn to make an arcade machine that looks as good as it plays.

  • Marty the Robot v2. We review this two-legged walking robot controlled by Raspberry Pi.

  • Make a Pico temperature gauge. Use the microcontroller to measure and log data temperature.

  • 10 Amazing Raspberry Pi displays. Give your Raspberry Pi some screen estate with our guide to the best displays.

  • Learn Linux with Raspberry Pi. It’s time to forget macOS and Windows. Discover the joy of Linux as your main operating system.

  • Win! Thine Camera Extension Kits. Use your HQ Camera up to 20 metres away with this cable extender.

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