The MagPi — Issue 104

Inside The MagPi magazine #104

  • Build the home of the future. Our room-by-room guide to a smarter home.
  • Pico-fy your projects. Classic Raspberry Pi projects that you could rebuild with Pico.
  • Grow food with a computer. How makers are using Raspberry Pi to monitor an agriculture chamber.
  • Make a MIDI guitar with with Pico. Use Trill sensors to build a super MIDI guitar.
  • Upcycle an iPod Classic with Spotify. Upgrade an old iPod to stream music.
  • Assemble an arcade machine. Gather the parts you’ll need in this first part to our major arcade machine build.
  • Pico Explorer Base. We look at this amazing prototyping kit for Raspberry Pi Pico.
  • Amazing maker tools. All the tools you need to become a better maker.
  • Win! SmartiPi Touch Pro

Errata and corrections

P49. Set up Pi-hole with Raspberry Pi: “Manually configure each device for Pi-hole” we said:

If you want to fall back on your ISP’s DNS server should there be any problem with Pi-hole, or if you want to use Google’s DNS server instead.

Pi-hole’s Dan Schaper informs us that this is incorrect and “will lead to that client not using Pi-hole at all.” Please see the following articles: Why should Pi-hole be my only DNS server and Primary vs Secondary DNS

Thanks Dan.

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