The MagPi — Issue 102

Inside The MagPi magazine #102

  • Build the ultimate media centre Play games, stream movies, listen to music and more. This Raspberry Pi-based media centre is is an amazing addition to your television.

  • Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Discover the story behind the development of Pico, and get great tips on how to set up and get started with Raspberry Pi’s new microcontroller board.

  • Discover electronics with Raspberry Pi 400. Connect a Raspberry Pi 400 to a breadboard and learn to build simple circuits with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

  • Turn Raspberry Pi 400 into a Commodore 64. Recreate this classic computer with legal ROMs with this brilliant tutorial.

  • Use a Trill touch sensor. Get hands-on with your projects using Trill touch sensors.

  • Grow Pi reviewed. Use Raspberry Pi to sense the water levels of three plants with Grow Pi, the new kit for electronic gardening.

  • Amazing projects. Whether it’s creating a Turing Machine, using Raspberry Pi to bring fax communication to drama production, or photographing the moon: our readers make the best projects.