The MagPi — Issue 100

The MagPi magazine is 100 issues young. Come with us and celebrate with this special edition of The MagPi magazine. Inside you’ll discover a 20-page feature celebrating 100 moments from Raspberry Pi history.

Inside The MagPi magazine #100

  • Special red-foil cover. Buy The MagPi magazine #100 in print to discover a unique cover that unfolds to reveal all 100 previous editions.

  • 100 Raspberry Pi moments. Read our 20-page special feature celebrating 100 moments from Raspberry Pi history. Discover all the moments, people, and events that made The MagPi the magazine it is today.

  • Behind the scenes with Raspberry Pi 400. We interview Eben Upton and Senior Principal Hardware Engineer Simon Martin about the new Raspberry Pi 400.

  • Santa’s Run. Mike Cook delivers a superb tutorial that turns recycled plastic bottles into game controllers. Build a video game where Santa delivers all 100 copies of The MagPi magazine.

  • Argon ONE M.2 reviewed. We test and rate (highly) the new Argon ONE M.2 case with M.2 SATA SSD support. Add super-fast storage to your Raspberry Pi and compute with speed.

  • Build a handheld console. KG adds a small screen and battery to Raspberry Pi Zero along with two designs for handheld consoles. The result is a superb retro gaming machine that you can take with you on your travels.

  • Plus! Win dozens of prizes with our bumper issue 100 competition.