Raspberry Pi Projects Book 4

The Raspberry Pi is loved the world over by educators and makers thanks to it’s tiny size and endless possibilities. We’ve managed to stuff the fourth edition of the official Raspberry Pi Projects book with another 200 pages of inspiring projects, practical tutorials, and definitive reviews so you can find out why people like it so much.

  • Get involved with the amazing and very active Raspberry Pi community
  • Be inspired by incredible projects made by other people
  • Learn how to make with your Raspberry Pi with our tutorials
  • Find out about the top kits and accessories for your Pi projects
  • And much, much more!

Learn everything you need to know about joining the amazing Raspberry Pi community!

Get stuck in with fantastic Raspberry Pi builds

You can download this book free now and forever, but buying in digital & print supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to democratise computing.

This book was written using an earlier version of Raspberry Pi OS. Please use Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) for full compatibility. See magpi.cc/legacy for more information.

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