The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024

Discover 200 pages of makes with the new, official Handbook 2024. Packed with incredible projects, step-by-step tutorials, practical guides, and reviews of the best kit, it has everything the Raspberry Pi fan could ask for!

Inside The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2024

  • Your detailed guide to the all-new Raspberry Pi 5 computer
  • QuickStart advice to setting up all Raspberry Pi boards
  • Incredible Maker Guides for electronics, Linux, retro gaming, robotics, and more!
  • The very best projects built by the global Raspberry Pi community
  • Cool kit! Cases, expansion boards, project kits, laptops and more
  • Inspirational build ideas that will get you cracking on a project!
  • Over 200 pages of essential advice!
  • (Raspberry Pi 5 not included!)

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