Work from Home and new High Quality Camera in The MagPi #93

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Set up a home-working station with Raspberry Pi. Use video chat, install free office software, and discover online work tools for your team.

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How to work from home with Raspberry Pi

Work from home with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4 is seeing a boom in use as a desktop computer for the home. Whether you’re working with Raspberry Pi, or learning, or looking to do video chat; Gareth Halfacree’s Work from home feature has all the information you need .

High Quality camera

Get started with the High Quality Camera

There’s a new official camera in town. The High Quality Camera is capable of capturing higher-resolution images than the standard Camera Module. And it works alongside a CS-mount lens, making it ideal for photography and macro photography. Our tutorial explains how the camera works, and how to start capturing images.

Hot Spotter

Hot Spotter and other amazing projects

This amazing Hot Spotter project uses a Raspberry Pi drone to detect smouldering points after a wildfire. It surveys a large area and creates a heat map from temperature readings. These hot points can re-ignite, and Hot Spotter can send the data in real-time to people on the ground. The MagPi magazine is packed with projects like this.

At home with the Internet of Things

At home with the Internet of Things

Upgrade your home with these amazing IoT projects. From controlling sockets, to monitoring temperature and humidity, hacking your doorbell, and automating your lights. There’s a project here for every home.

ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated

ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated reviewed

We take a look at the all-new ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated. A modern re-thinking of a classic computer that uses Raspberry Pi Zero alongside an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to mimic analog tape-loading to perfection.

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