Win GOPIGO3 Robot Kits & Accessories

By Russell Barnes. Posted

We’ve got two GoPiGo3 Beginner Starter Kits up for grabs, thanks to our friends at Dexter Industries.

The GoPiGo3 is one of the best robots we’ve ever seen (see our GoPiGo3 review). It’s packed with advanced features, including encoders that provide precision movement.Two lucky winners will get a maxed out GoPiGo3 kit and accessories:

  • GoPiGo3 Starter Kit
  • Dexter OS microSD Card
  • Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor
  • IMU Sensor
  • Light & Color Sensor
  • Sensor Mount
  • Dexter Labs T-Shirt

Learn more about the GoPiGo3 on the Dexter Industries webpage.

Win GOPIGO3 Robot Kits

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