Understand artificial intelligence in The MagPi magazine issue #141

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Artificial Intelligence is the central feature of our age and it’s a quirky technology that baffles as much as it amazes. This month The MagPi flips the lid and explains what’s inside. Understanding AI is the biggest challenge for makers, coders, and computer scientists. Don’t miss out!

Learn how AI really works by building your own language models, image diffusers, and smart robots

Raspberry Pi AI Made Clear

Our Raspberry Pi AI Made Clear feature demystifies artificial intelligence by showing you how to develop generative technologies using Raspberry Pi and open-source software. Create personal image diffusers, generate large language models, and assemble intelligent-acting robots, cameras, and speech assistants. All while keeping one eye on the ethics at play!

Use CDP Studio and Kinematics to learn how to control industrial robots

Control an industrial robot arm

This month we use CDP Studio and its Kinematics framework to program a Raspberry Pi-powered robot arm, the myCobot 280 Pi we reviewed in The MagPi magazine issue 137. CDP Studio is an ‘out of the box’ software development tool to build industrial control, automation, and edge systems. Yet it’s fairly easy to get to grips with its low-code programming environment.

Raspberry Pi 5 cases on test

Raspberry Pi 5 cases

We’ve got 10 Raspberry Pi 5 cases on test this month. We’ve tested cooling effectiveness and Wi-Fi signal alongside each case’s capacity for mounting HAT hardware and access ports. Keep your Raspberry Pi in the best case!

Discover and control devices on a home network with Home Assistant Yellow

Home Assistant Yellow

Home Assistant has been around for nearly as long as Raspberry Pi has. You can even find it in our Raspberry Pi Imager. It’s no surprise then that Home Assistant Yellow branded hardware is pretty high quality. This neat board finds devices on your home network enabling you to take direct control of them with a dashboard interface.

This Pi-DP10 mainframe recreation brings a classic machine back to life

PiDP-10 Mainframe

After tackling the PDP-8 and PDP11, Oscar Vermeulen goes mainframe with DEC’s PDP-10. PJ Evans fires up the big iron and looks at this incredible Raspberry Pi project that brings a classic mainframe computer to life.

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