Pi 3 makes ‘ultimate education list’ for engineers

By Russell Barnes. Posted

The Raspberry Pi 3 has made Farnell element14’s ultimate education list, making a Pi 3 as indispensable to the engineer as a multimeter, oscilloscope or 3D printer.

Farnell element14 is a major Europe-wide distributor of electronics, technology and electronic system designs, and maintenance and repair services.

This makes the Raspberry Pi Pi 3 is as essential and useful as this £5,500 Keysight N6705C Power Analyser

Farnell element14’s Business President for Sales and Marketing Europe, Peter Birks, says of the list, “Supporting the education of engineers is vital to ensure that the next generation has the talent to drive our industry forward.”

The ultimate education list

Global head of PR and External Communication, Holly Smart, explains why the Pi 3 was chosen: “We believe the Pi 3 has one of the best SBC [single-board computer] propositions on the market: compatibility, community support, ecosystem, software, and tutorials; combined with the performance-to-price ratio, that’s fantastic.”

Farnell directly helps in the training of engineers too, as Holly tells us: “Farnell staff regularly support local schools and universities with coding clubs, science fairs, and general electronics.”

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