u-maker box Raspberry Pi case review

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

Choosing a case for your Raspberry Pi can be a little tricky when there are many competing products on the market. You can always make one with LEGO, 3D-printed parts, cardboard, etc. if you have the means, making the choice even more complex.

The u-maker Box (£21/$27) may not solve that issue, but it is at the very least quite unique in its approach to Raspberry Pi case design. You can plonk a Raspberry Pi 4 inside it and be done if you want, and with magnets fastening the whole thing and plenty of space inside it, it’s not the worst case you could use.

What’s cool, though, is that you can really modify and personalise the case to what you need it to do thanks to a smart construction system and freely available templates to play around with for 3D printing.

Snap build

The standard box comes with some mounts that allow you to attach it to a wall or VESA mount, and even a special one for boom arms. As well as the extra bits in the Extension Kit that help connect extra boards, brackets, or even a case fan, there’s a ton of Thingiverse files for various kinds of stands, extenders, and even an alternate lid that can fit a square HyperPixel.

The number of options are truly astounding and none of it looks or feels hacky. It’s just a very nice implementation of the design idea.



A unique and very cool way to customise or prototype a case for your Raspberry Pi projects.


Dimensions: 120.4 mm × 120.4 mm × 35.5 mm

Weight: 93.2 g

Fasteners: Magnetic

From The MagPi store


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