Troubleshooting Raspberry Pi in The MagPi magazine #139

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

There’s been a lot of changes in Raspberry Pi-land lately. From the all-new Raspberry Pi 5 to a new version of Raspberry Pi OS based on Bookworm. New software means new troubles and there’s nothing we love more than a good troubleshooting guide!

Solve new problems with our Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting Guide 2024

Raspberry Pi Troubleshooting Guide 2024

Raspberry Pi star PJ Evans wants to sit you down, hand you a tissue and ask how he can help. This month’s cover feature is jam-packed with advice. From power supply issues to video errors, audio problems, networking, and more. 

Take part in 2024's #MonthOfMaking event and build something remarkable

#MonthOfMaking 2024

Every March we enter #MonthOfMaking, where we all come together to build incredible things and share them with one another. This month, we've scoured for the most extravagant and elaborate projects out there – genuine Rube Goldberg devices that utilize Raspberry Pi to produce unique DIY projects!

Add an M.2 drive to Raspberry Pi 5 with NVMe Base

NVME SSD Drive options

The PCIe port on Raspberry Pi 5 is perfect for adding super-fast, and super-large, SSD drives. It’s a huge upgrade from the microSD card and we’ve got the first of two pieces of kit in for testing: Argon ONE V3 M.2 case and NVME Base. With two very different approaches to providing SSD storage, we put each device to a full test.

This interactive climbing wall uses Raspberry Pi to light up the way

The best projects! Like PeggyBoard

Every month we strive to cover the very best of Raspberry Pi’s amazing community. One of our standout projects this month is Pegor Karolglanian’s PeggyBoard. This incredible climbing wall features LEDs to provide interactive routes and help train climbers. 

Yet Another Flux Capacitor uses a digital screen to replicate the prop from Back to the Future

YAFC Flux Capacitor

Great Scott! It’s “Yet Another Flux Capacitor” built with the power of Raspberry Pi. Ambrogio Galbusera’s Flux Capacitor recreates the energy flow using a video screen, rather than the LED strips found in other projects. 

One maker built a fully-working giant SNES controller with Raspberry Pi and custom PCB boards


Sometimes the very best projects are a little daft! Like this gigantic (but fully working) SNES controller. Inside is a Raspberry Pi so you can play games, and each button has its own custom-built PCB board.

Turn an old Sonos speaker into a super-smart SOMA FM radio player

Upcycle a Sonos

Raspberry Pi is ideal for upcycling kit (rescuing old equipment that is no longer supported). PJ has taken an old Sonos speaker and used Raspberry Pi to turn it into a SOMA FM radio player. He walks you step-by-step through the process.

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