Modular making with Tibbo-Pi

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Connect the modular Tibbits to the mainboard to prototype your hardware as easily as building a simple LEGO model

Tibbo Technology’s Tibbo Project System (TPS) has been around for four years, but it’s finally coming to the Raspberry Pi.

Rather than using breadboards or soldering, the TPS uses Tibbit blocks to “implement an I/O function” by plugging them into a TPS ‘mainboard’ (motherboard). Announced at this year’s Computex technology show in Taiwan, there will soon be a mainboard that incorporates a Raspberry Pi 3.

Tibbo Projects System for Raspberry Pi

It is unclear whether the Pi 3B+ will be supported, but with 60 Tibbit blocks to add anything from power relays to audio converters to real-world sensors, you should be able to construct almost any project as quickly as a basic LEGO model.

Details are still in the process of translation, but Tibbo confirms that Node-RED (JavaScript) is the standard coding language for Tibbo-Pi, and that C and Python are alternatives.

An English brochure for Tibbo‑Pi is planned, available through co‑, but this site is in Japanese. However, Tibbo’s main site lists all the currently available Tibbits in English.

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