The Official Handbook 2023 is out today!

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

With over 200 pages of incredible projects, detailed tutorials, how-to guides and the best reviews of Raspberry Pi equipment and components, the official Handbook 2023 is the very best book for Raspberry Pi aficionados. And you can pick up a copy today from Raspberry Pi’s Press Store.

Pick up your copy of the Handbook 2023

Your Official Handbook 2023 is available as a free digital download from this site. Click here to download a copy of Handbook 2023. A print edition can be picked up from Raspberry Pi’s Press Store, and in person at the Raspberry Pi Store in the Grand Arcade, Cambridge; plus WH Smith and good newsagents.

Project Showcase: 3/4 Star Wars Arcade Cabinet

Discover incredible projects

The Handbook 2023 is packed with our favourite projects of the last twelve months, like this incredible 3/4 Star Wars Arcade Cabinet. Built with care and attention by James Milroy it is a beautiful recreation of one of the greatest arcade machines of all time.

Project Showcase: Callisto II

Build your own computer

Raspberry Pi sits at the heart of many computer builds. Some users go to extreme lengths, like this wonderful Callisto II build, complete with a classic keyboard and screen. You can build all kinds of computers and computer projects with Raspberry Pi. 

Project Showcase: Robot Arm Clock

Robots of all shapes and sizes

We love robotics here at The MagPi, and combining Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico with servos and motors enables wonderful builds. We especially liked this Robot Arm Clock that nudges the clock around to show the current time. 

Set up Pi-hole with Raspberry Pi

Protect your local network with Pi-hole

Raspberry Pi can be put to a wide range of practical purposes, like Pi-hole. This project turns Raspberry Pi into a network-wide protection tool that blocks unwanted adverts and prevents unwanted tracking. It’s a great way to manage your privacy and get more from your local network and internet experience.

Build an arcade machine

Build your own Arcade Machine

Want to own a classic arcade cabinet? KG Orphanides has written a 25-page step-by-step buying a base unit and sticker decals; attaching a joystick and buttons, and setting up Raspberry Pi to play the latest homebrew and legally available emulated games. This powerful tutorial enables you to build that arcade machine you’ve always dreamed of.

Introducing Pico W

Packed with Raspberry Pi Pico W

Handbook 2023 is updated with all the latest information on Pico W, the all-new microcontroller development board with wireless connectivity. Discover in-depth information on how the RP2040-based microcontroller development board works. Plus interviews with the engineering team and guides to discovering electronics with Pico W.

Marty the Robot V2

Incredible kit tested

We’ve got reviews of all the best Raspberry Pi kits and components. Including robots, screens, electronics kits, media player remote controls, wearables and much more.

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