The MagPi magazine issue #133

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

We’ve got a great issue this month. Our retro expert KG Orphanides has written a comprehensive guide to retro gaming, and Rob has assembled a robot drinks dispenser. Plus we’ve got some of the coolest projects we’ve seen in months with a range of robots, Stable Diffusion running on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 and a rather special Badger-watching camera.

Your complete guide to emulating retro consoles and computers with Raspberry Pi

Emulate Everything

Use ready-made emulation distributions to turn Raspberry Pi into an all-in-one emulator that can play the best classic and modern retro games. This total guide to emulation features distributions, BIOS download status, console and desktop emulation. Plus: where to get your game ROMs safely and legally.

Use Raspberry Pi as your work and educational computer

Work & Learn with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi may be a small computer, but it’s packed with power and has a great operating system. In this feature, we look at using Raspberry Pi as your main computer. Discover all the productivity features in Raspberry Pi OS, and how to set up Raspberry Pi for a full day’s work.

How one journalist became a maker and YouTube star


Every month we interview some of the greatest makers from Raspberry Pi’s community. Hannah is a specialist journalist turned special effects technician who makes amazing projects and shares them on YouTube. 

Build a working drinks dispenser

reBartender V0.1

Build your own Raspberry Pi-powered drinks dispenser with this cool setup by Seeed Studio and their reTerminal device. This step-by-step build shows you how to assemble an incredible drinks robot. Parties will never be the same!

Monitor wild critters without tramping through their environment


Keep an eye on critters from a safe distance with minimal interference. This Badgercam shows how one maker built a solar and wind-powered camera that monitors badgers. We interview wildlife enthusiast Philip Mill about his incredible remote nature project.

A 3D printed robot buddy to keep you company

Chip Bipedal Robot

Kevin McAleer is an accomplished maker and his latest build is a cute companion built from 3D-printed parts and Pimoroni’s Servo 2040 board. The result is a walking Raspberry Pi Pico-style robot with an ultrasonic range finder for eyes. We think Chip is super cute

Keeping fields clear of weeds with this solar-powered smart robot


Living in rural Japan poses challenges. One of which is elderly farmers maintaining rice terraces and the fear that they may disappear with cultivation. Yuta Suito set about building a robot that can mow and weed. Meet Roktrack - a small solar-powered robot that can handle rough terrain and uses traffic cones for navigation.

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