The MagPi magazine issue #132

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Assemble a do-it-all Universal Media Player that streams movies and television shows, plays your media files and much more. Plus! Citizen science, recycling projects and the best Raspberry Pi projects.

Turn Raspberry Pi into the world's most versatile media player, capable of playing media from just about any source

Build a Universal Media Player

Turn a Raspberry Pi computer into a low-cost, but high-powered media box. Our media is far more capable than shop-bought options and plays media from a huge range of sources. Read our detailed guide to cases, remote controls and setting up media player software.

Imaging photographs with location data and AI with this remarkable lens-free camera

KitronikAn amazing Paragraphica AI camera

We love this unique lens-free camera build. Paragraphica gathers location information along with weather conditions and local buildings. Then feeds that into an AI model which generates a photograph. The results are often startling realistic, and always interesting.

Discover a Raspberry Pi project that paints microscopic pictures with water droplets

Discover this Mona Lisa fluid painting 

This remarkable Raspberry Pi project showcases a new microfluidic architecture that paints images in volumes as low as two nanolitres per spot. The image was created from just five microlitres of water ‘painted’ on a 2 cm canvas.

Recreate this classic scene from Star Wars with Raspberry Pi and an optical illusion

Create a Star Wars diorama

Become a new hope for a galaxy far, far away by recreating an iconic scene from Star Wars. This Star Wars diorama uses Raspberry Pi and a hidden screen to recreate the holograph of Princess Leia. 

Connect buttons and an LCD screen to Raspberry Pi Pico and learn how Voltage Shifting works in this great project

Starter Electronics: True or False quiz game

We continue our exploration into electronics with this guide to building a true or false quiz game. This project introduces LCD screens to our Raspberry Pi Pico electronics projects. You’ll learn all about voltage shifting to power the Raspberry Pi and screen together.

Get involved with Raspberry Pi Citizen Science projects

Get involved with Citizen Science

Raspberry Pi has had a huge impact on the scientific world, enabling low-cost citizen science projects. It’s small, cheap, reliable and has great community support. In this feature, we look at all the different scientific projects and programmes you can get involved with. From medicine to wildlife, geology and many other fields.

Learn to code with this handheld PCB gaming board for Raspberry Pi Pico

Learn to code with Kitronik ZIP96

This bare-bones PCB turns Raspberry Pi Pico into a basic retro computer. Rather than play games, you code your own for it. Instead of a LCE screen, it comes with a 12×8 LED matrix along with push-buttons.

PJ Evans visits Liverpool MakeFest and brings us a special report

Liverpool Makerfest

Set in the beautiful Central Library, Liverpool MakeFest is a free event that brings makers together from all over the country to enthuse about their creations, projects, and art. Roving reporter and The MagPi writer, PJ Evans spent time at Liverpool Makerfest and brings us this special report.

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