The MagPi magazine issue #131

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

We’re taking Python Robots for a walk in this month’s edition of The MagPi. These robots have arms and legs and use servo motors to move around. Alternatively, set up camera traps in your garden to capture real-world critters.

Discover articulated robotics with our guide to Python Robots with arms and legs

Python Robots

If you ever wanted to get involved with articulated robotics then this feature will hold your hand. Quite literally! We’ve gathered everything you need about servo motors, Python motor control techniques; kits and robot designs. Plus, a great tutorial on using Pico to control a robotic arm. Limber up and get ready for realistic robotics.

This amazing build uses ChatGPT to tell your future

Olga The Fortune Teller

This photo booth uses ChatGPT to take a photo, post it to Instagram and tell your fortune at the same time. We think Olga looks incredible and chatted to the team behind the build.

Capturing whole trains by automatically snapping and stitching images together


Software engineer Jonathan Müller has created this amazing automated project that photographs trains and stitches together the images to capture the whole train. It uses Raspberry Pi and AI to snap and stitch the trains as they roll by.

Capture the animals in your garden with Raspberry Pi and Camera Module

Raspberry Pi Camera Traps

Raspberry Pi and a Camera Module can be housed outside to create amazing photography traps. Don’t worry, no critters are harmed. We leave no footprints and take only photos in this great feature about capturing the natural world. 

We take this Spot-like robot dog powered by Raspberry Pi for walkies


Who's a good boy? Yes, you are! We love this PuppyPi robot kit from HiWonder and take it for a good long walk as part of our robot special. We think this relatively low-cost robot kit will make a great addition to any robotics course or classroom.

The best cases for Raspberry Pi

Amazing Cases

Keep your Raspberry Pi computers housed and safe with our guide to the best cases around. There are different options here for all kinds of cases.

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