The MagPi magazine issue #100 special

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

The MagPi magazine issue #100 is out now and this is a special edition you don't want to miss.

The whole team got together to produce a special edition of The MagPi magazine, and the result shines thanks to a special red foil.

Don’t miss out on the print version of this spectacular edition of The MagPi magazine. 

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The MagPi magazine issue 100 cover

The special red-foil cover is in Raspberry Pi colours (red and white) and unfolds to reveal all 100 covers of The MagPi magazine. Inside the special edition is a 20-page feature celebrating 100 moments from Raspberry Pi history.

100 moments: The MagPi's amazing achievements

Discover 100 Raspberry Pi moments

We’ve scoured the previous editions, talked to all the community, and all reminisced over eight years of Raspberry Pi. The results is 100 greatest Raspberry Pi moments, achievements, and events from 100 editions of The MagPi magazine.

Santa's Run

Make Santa’s Run with recycled bottles

Mike Cook serves up a double-whammy for Christmas with a game that has you delivering all 100 editions of The MagPi. Santa’s Run uses recycled plastic bottles as controllers. 

The ExoMy Mars Rover is just one of many amazing projects in The MagPi #100

ExoMy Mars Rover and other amazing projects

We’ve gone all out this month with some of the best community projects ever to feature in The MagPi magazine. Like ExoMy, the low-cost Mars Rover designed to be 3D printed at home. 

Build your own Handheld Console with Raspberry Pi

Build a handheld console

KG uses two of the latest handheld gaming kits to explore portable console gaming with Raspberry Pi. Combine the small size of Raspberry Pi Zero with battery power and a small screen to game-on-the-go.

The MagPi magazine #100 is packed with information on Raspberry Pi 400

Say hello to Raspberry Pi 400

Raspberry Pi’s all-in-one desktop computer combines the power of Raspberry Pi 4 with the official keyboard. Repositioning all the ports to the back, we feel it’s Raspberry Pi perfection. Our feature benchmarks, tests, and gets inside the latest Raspberry Pi.

We review Argon ONE M.2

Argon One M.2 review

Super-charge Raspberry Pi with a super-fast M.2 SATA SSD drive for vastly improved storage performance. We are impressed with the latest Argon ONE M.2 case, which delivers on multiple fronts.

The Top 10 Festival Projects in The MagPi #100

10 amazing festive projects

Light up the holiday period with our guide to festive illuminations, decorations, and ornamentations. It’s the perfect way to weave digital making into your festive break.

Learn Raspberry Pi OS with these amazing resources

Learn Raspberry Pi OS

Newcomers will find our guide to Raspberry Pi OS (the operating system at the heart of Raspberry Pi) invaluable. But even experienced makers will find something to learn from this collection of incredible Debian and Raspberry Pi OS guides.

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