The best Raspberry Pi Pico projects in The MagPi magazine issue 109

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Raspberry Pi Pico is the incredible microcontroller board that made huge waves when it was released earlier this year. This powerful $4 piece of kit is the power behind many incredible makes, and works in a very different way to Raspberry Pi computers. If you ever wanted to build something with Raspberry Pi Pico then this month we have the very best projects for you to choose from.

20 Raspberry Pi Pico projects

20 Raspberry Pi Pico projects

The community has taken Raspberry Pi Pico to its heart, and started building wonderful things with it. From video game controllers, to smart keyboards, animated signs, and even musical instruments.  

Pico has been around for a few months now, and the community has managed to create some fantastic projects. Take inspiration from these creations and get ready to make your own amazing build.

Synth6581 SID synthesizer

Play a SID synthesizer

Simon Martin is an engineer at Raspberry Pi and his Synth6581 pet project is making a lot of noise. Simon is using multiple recycled SID chips (the sound chips inside Commodore 64 computers) to transform a keyboard into one that makes incredible retro synth sounds.

Pico-Controlled Automated Model Railroad

Automating Model Rail

Mechatronics student Kusagra Keshari is a big fan of model trains, and has combined a love of electronics with his train set. The result is a sensor-enabled track that uses Raspberry Pi Pico and motors to automate the track control.

Isomorphic Keyboard: Hex keys

Add hex keys to a isomorphic keyboard

Mike Cook’s incredible Isomorphic Keyboard project uses a switch matrix to add a hex keyboard layout. This month Mike also adds control switches, an OLED display and rotary encoders.

Interview with Katz Creates

We interview the biggest names in the maker community, and this month we chat to Allie, also known as Katz Creates. They tell us about being a maker, artist, designer and filmmaker that makes interesting things with Raspberry Pi.

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