The 50 best Raspberry Pi tips in The MagPi 80

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

We've scoured the land to find the 50 best Raspberry Pi tips in existence. All in The MagPi #80

We've got a tip for you. 50 of them, in fact. All in this month's edition of The MagPi magazine.

The MagPi 80 is packed with the best tips for Raspberry Pi. These tips cover everything from the Raspbian operating system, the command line, system security, coding, making, and networking. There's something here for everybody: beginner and expert alike.

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 The 50 best Raspberry Pi tips

Ham radio projects and Raspberry Pi

Regular readers may remember a survey we did a while back. One of the responses was about ham radio, and lots of our readers are big ham fans. Every since the Raspberry Pi came out, ham fans have been using it to build weird and wonderful things. This month we let you know what your Pi can do with a ham radio.

 Ham radio projects

Underwater drone (and all the best projects)

We love this home-made underwater drone project. Inspired by watching the Discovery Channel, Ievgenii Tkachenko used trial-and-error to build a waterproof camera drone. It's a great example of what a can-do attitude and a Raspberry Pi can achieve. You'll find all the latest, and greatest, projects in this month's The MagPi.

 Underwater Drone

Community interview: Claire Pollard

Claire is a maker, marketer, and a familiar face on the Raspberry Pi community circuit. Last year she left her job and went to work full-time with the Raspberry Pi community. Get to know the voice of Formula Pi in this month's The MagPi magazine.

 We interview Claire Pollard this month

Build a karaoke machine

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a fully-featured karaoke machine and sing along to your favourite tunes. KG Orphanides uses a HiFiBerry DAC+ADC HAT to turn a Raspberry Pi into a singing machine.

 Build a karaoke machine

Plus! Win one of five Keybow mechanical keyboards for your Pi.

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