Set forth with Raspberry Pi in The MagPi magazine issue #137

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Discover the power of Raspberry Pi with our guide to the ancient (and not-so-ancient) maker wisdom. Everything you need to begin your Raspberry Pi adventure is found in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine.

Sally forth with our guide to getting started with with Raspberry Pi computers

Start your Raspberry Pi adventure

We may be a little heavy-handed on the Dungeons & Dragons metaphor this month. This guide to beginning your Raspberry Pi is packed with information, hints, and things to discover with your favourite computer. It’s the perfect guidebook for Raspberry Pi newcomers. 

Raspberry Pi Beginner's Projects

Raspberry Pi Beginner Projects

We all had to start somewhere and this month Rob’s collected dozens of projects for you to try out. Discover coding, making, robotics, and more in this fantastic feature.

This Amiga upcycles a classic computer with a Raspberry Pi

This Amiga is not an Amiga

Discover this Amiga build that breathes new life into a classic computer. Rob Fisher has used Raspberry Pi and the Amiga Forever emulator to load ROMs into this restored computer. 

Take to the depths of the deep blue sea with BlueROV R4

BlueROV R4

ВlueROV2 is an underwater ROV that surveys the darkest depths - well, the really very gloomy depths anyway - with the help of a Raspberry Pi 4 wearing its bespoke Navigator Flight Controller as a HAT.

These giant Game Boy artworks use Raspberry Pi to show off games

Giant Fine-Art Game Boy

The iconic handheld console can now be treated as fine art, especially when you deconstruct it and rebuild it six times larger, like Connor Gottfried has.

Recycling a classic camera with Raspberry Pi and CinePI


CinePI is an open-source cinema camera that lends itself to DIY design, including larger sensors. We take a look at this lovingly recreated camera build.

Use Raspberry Pi Zero and a Blackberry-style keyboard to build a PDA

Beepy: Make a DIY palmtop computer

If you’ve ever missed the golden age of palmtop computers, PDAs (personal digital assistants), and phones with physical keyboards, Squarofumi’s Beepy might be the kit for you: just add a Raspberry Pi Zero W. In this, the first of a series of tutorials, we turn Raspberry Pi into a personal assistant using a Blackberry-style keyboard.

Design a circuit with KiCad

Design a circuit with KiCad

This tutorial will provide guidance on how to design your own circuit using KiCad. It will show how you can design a circuit that can be used with Raspberry Pi Pico. 

We test MyCobot 280 Pi - a professional robot arm

MyCobot 280 Pi

MyCobot 280 is a high-quality robot arm with a long reach. Powered by a built-in Raspberry Pi 4, it has six degrees of freedom (6DOF) thanks to half a dozen joints (equipped with bearings) controlled by large servos, all enclosed in protective plastic casings. We test out this professional robot arm based on Raspberry Pi technology.

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