Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi (3rd Edition) out now

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

In Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi (3rd edition), we’ve gathered together everything we’ve learned about retro gaming in the last 12 months.

This book is packed with information on retro gaming. In particular, it covers how to retro game with Raspberry Pi 5 in a lot of detail. Learn to use all the major emulation systems, and recreate retro consoles up to the Dreamcast and Sony Playstation generations. It’s packed with homebrew software and new games being developed for original systems. This year’s retro gaming guide is bigger than ever: 180 pages. Each page is packed with classic gaming goodness. We’re incredibly proud of this one and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it.

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Finally build that arcade machine of your dreams

Build your dream consoles and arcade machine

Use ready-made emulation software to quickly and easily turn Raspberry Pi into a huge range of retro consoles and computers. It’s easy to set up a retro gaming console and we’ll show you how. You’ll even learn how to build your own portable gaming consoles and finally achieve that dream of owning your own arcade machine.

One maker put a complete ZX Spectrum inside an original cassette tape

Rediscover those systems from your childhood

We’ve got the latest information hot from The MagPi team on how to emulate a whole new generation of consoles. From the Nintendo GameCube, to Sony PlayStation, and the Sega Dreamcast. Discover how to play new games on these classic systems with Raspberry Pi.

Build a handheld retro console with Raspberry Pi Pico

Meet incredible makers and hear all about their builds

We’ll show you how to download retro games and emulate them with Raspberry Pi computers. You’ll discover how to build your consoles, both handheld and television-based and hear from some of the best makers around. They share their secrets to successful emulation.

Emulate a huge range of computers and consoles with Raspberry Pi

Discover a thriving homebrew scene

There are hundreds of developers making games every bit as good as back in the 1980s and 1990s. And they’ve only got better at making classic games. We’ll show you how to find new games for classic consoles, and how to get involved with this incredible gaming scene.

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