Retro gaming for a new (old) generation with Raspberry Pi 5

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Ever since Raspberry Pi 5 arrived on the scene with its faster Arm CPU and improved innards we’ve been wanting to put it through its retro gaming paces. Resident retro expert KG Orphanides has built retro gaming systems from scratch for a whole new generation of consoles.

Emulate a whole new generation of classic consoles with the more powerful Raspberry Pi 5

Next gen retro

Smoothly emulate fifth- and sixth-generation consoles including Playstation, Nintendo Game Boy Advance and GameCube, Sega Dreamcast and more. What’s more, there’s a whole new homebrew scene to discover, with brand-new games being made for these classic consoles.

Technology and creativity working hand in hand with Raspberry Pi

Arts & Crafts with Raspberry Pi

Technology and creativity are inclusive and Raspberry Pi brings the two together. These projects stop people in their tracks because they either look good or perform tasks that are just sheer, plain fun.

Discover incredible projects like OneInchEye, the Raspberry Pi solar camera

The best Raspberry Pi projects

We’ve got a fantastic selection of project showcases this month. Such as this OneInchEye for solar photography. It can capture 4K images at 30fps (frames per second) or 20MP at 12fps for RAW recording.

Add real time clock functionality to Raspberry Pi 5 using a lithium battery

Learn to use Raspberry Pi's RTC funcitonality

Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through the process of learning to use Raspberry Pi. Amongst other tutorials, this month is this fantastic step-through of the new RTC (real time clock). Attach a lithium battery to Raspberry Pi to automatically turn the device on and off while keeping perfect time.

Play games on a Raspberry Pi palmtop computer with Beepy

Play games on Beepy

We’re still smitten with the Beepy device that turns Raspberry Pi into a PDA (personal digital assistant) with a BlackBerry-style keyboard. In keeping with the theme this month we’re looking at a range of text adventures and other games you can play on this diminutive device.

Learn how sound synthesizers work using the RP2040-powered Bullfrog synth

Learn to use a synthesizer

We adore this Bullfrog Synth developed in association with Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman). Inside a RP2040 is used to generate audio and integrate MIDI control while a series of wires are used to link the various synth elements together. It’s the ideal way to learn about sound generation.

Raspberry Pi at Maker Faire Shenzen

Raspberry Pi at Maker Faire Shenzen

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton attended one last big event before Christmas: Maker Faire Shenzen. Joining them was Seeed Studios, a Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller, showing off their wares and hunting down cool Raspberry Pi projects in the process. It was a busy event full of talks and cool stalls!

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