Retro computing with Raspberry Pi 4 in The MagPi issue 88

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

The boosted power of Raspberry Pi 4 has been a boon for retro computer enthusiasts. The faster Raspberry Pi 4 is capable of emulating a wide array of classic systems. It also forms the perfect beating heart for a fully-functioning classic system.

PJ Evans shows you how to put a Raspberry Pi inside an old ZX Spectrum+ computer, hooking it up to the innards. Discover how to connect a Raspberry Pi GPIO pins to the keyboard of a classic machine and use it to emulate the original computer.

Plus! Discover where to find classic games and the best accessories for retro computing fans.

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Retro computing with Raspberry Pi 4

Thermal testing Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 runs faster than any other Raspberry Pi computer. The Raspberry Pi team has been hard at work bringing the temperature down, and keeping the speed up. In this in-depth feature, we heat- and speed-test each Raspberry Pi 4 firmware update, and see how they are keeping the temperature down. It's a wonderful feature packed with information on how the Raspberry Pi works, and has insider information on heat clocking. We even have a rare interview with Tim Gover, the software engineer at Raspberry Pi responsible for firmware, power management, and displays.

Thermal testing the new Raspberry Pi firmware

Astrophotography Autoguider

We have the best projects in Raspberry Pi, like this astrophotography kit made by Joe Kutner in Alabama. With it, Joe has been capturing the night sky with stunning results.

Astrophotography autoguider

Make a smart Christmas tree

It's Christmas! Or at it least it will be very shortly. If you're getting the tree out, putting up the tinsel, and tasting the chocolate, then why not use Raspberry Pi to create smart lighting? Our very own Rob Zwetsloot explains how to add voice activation to your Christmas tree lights.

Smart Christmas tree lights

The top 10 Christmas projects

Christmas is a great time to be a Raspberry Pi fan, and many a maker has built glittering, all-singing and dancing projects for the festive period. From smart gingerbread houses to massive outdoor light displays, we look at the 10 best Christmas projects.

The 10 best Christmas projects

Community interview: Liz Clark aka Blitz City DIY

Liz has only been making Raspberry Pi projects since 2016, but she has created some stunning builds. On her YouTube channel you'll find teardowns, 3D printer projects, CircuitPython projects, and quirky DIY builds. Liz's tale is an inspiration to anybody who feels late to the party. You can always make up for it with interesting makes.

Liz Clark aka Blitz City DIY

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