reTerminal E10-1 industrial expansion board review

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

Powered by a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, reTerminal (£91/$109) is a very functional and powerful industrial computer. It was missing a little bit of connectivity for some use cases though, most of which have been addressed with a pretty beefy expansion board.

We do mean beefy too – it’s larger than the original reTerminal, and attaching it does increase the footprint (and weight). However, for that sacrifice you do get a barrel DC jack, a battery compartment, PoE, improved wireless LAN, mobile network support, serial ports, microphones, and speakers for any machine learning application, and the ability to add much more storage via SATA 2.0 and M.2 drives.

Safely secured

Adding storage isn’t just a case of slotting in an SD card – the whole expansion kit comes apart so that you can install any drives into the very sturdy case so you’re not losing any protection. The battery compartment is attached by screws as well, so any portable power you put in won’t accidentally fall out.

Attaching the expansion to reTerminal is very easy – it slots into a port covered by a rubber foot on the rear end, and is then secured with a couple of provided screws. No friction or plastic clasps are used so there’s no danger of the connector wearing out, so to speak.

With that connection, you just need to install a driver and a Python library to the main reTerminal and you’re ready to go and incorporate the expansion into the system. It’s very easy and will definitely help with connecting to older hardware.



A great, if bulky, expansion for reTerminal that seems to address any prior connectivity issues.

Specs Connectivity: RS-485, RS-232, CAN, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, M.2, Mini-PCIe, mobile network, wireless LAN Dimensions: 140 mm × 95 mm × 30 mm

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