Raspberry Pi simulator: Microsoft creates online tool for prototyping projects

By Russell Barnes. Posted

New online service could help with prototyping your next Raspberry Pi project

Microsoft has created an online Raspberry Pi simulator to help Pi users prototype new builds. The simulator uses Microsoft’s Azure platform to create and host a virtual Pi.

The service is still in its early stages. As Microsoft’s Xin Shi explained via GitHub’s Gitter chat service, “actually now the device and sensors on the left side is a static image.”

Microsoft Raspberry Pi Simulator

There are plans to incorporate the ability to add other sensors, inputs, and outputs to the simulator. We can look forward to a “drag-and-drop experience on the left area” to add other elements to a simulated Pi build. However, as the whole project is open source, you could create your own electronics.

Setting up the Pi simulator is a little convoluted. You’ll need an Azure account (which is free for hobbyists), followed by a 13-step process just to run the basic simulation. Thankfully, Microsoft documents the process clearly.

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