The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book out now!

By Russell Barnes. Posted

200 pages of projects from previous issues that never got to print, and the perfect stocking filler!

When we finally went to print and into brick and mortar stores around the globe, we had many emails and messages from people that wanted to see the first five issues from the re-design in physical form so they could complete their extensive MagPi collections.

So this got us thinking; instead of releasing each individual issue, we should do one big collection of all the best stuff from those issues. The result is the Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book.

 This image doesn't do it justice, but the cover is lovely and glossy

With 200 pages of projects in one place, not only can you complete your collection of MagPi content but you can also get an excellent Christmas gift for people wanting to get stuck in with their Raspberry Pi! There are tutorials on how to get started with the Raspberry Pi, guides on how to use the Pi, loads of inspirational projects from around the community and reviews from our experts.

You can find the book right now in stores (look in the magazine racks next to The MagPi!), online at the Swag Store and you can also download it to your Android or iOS device via our app.

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