Raspberry Pi 5 in The MagPi magazine issue 134

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

We’ve got a huge Raspberry Pi 5 special in this month’s edition of The MagPi. We’ve dug deep into the specifications of Raspberry Pi 5, looking at all the new components, features and design. Plus in-depth interviews with the engineering team. Pick up your issue today!

Up to three times faster, absolutely packed with new features, and available to The MagPi subscribers first

Introducing… Raspberry Pi 5

The incredible new computer from Raspberry Pi is a giant leap forward in features and performance. Now running a 2.4GHz ARM CPU inside a brand new BCM2712 Broadcom chip, Raspberry Pi is up to three times faster than Raspberry Pi 4. And a new Raspberry Pi RP1 chip takes over most of the I/O, freeing up space for a raft of new features: a power button, Dual DSI/CSI sockets, a Raspberry Pi connector for PCIe (along with an upcoming HAT to offer super-fast M.2 drive storage), a real-time clock with a battery connector and a custom power management chip. All this alongside amazing new accessories including a redesigned Raspberry Pi Case with a fan, an Active Cooler attachment, and PoE and M.2 HATs coming soon. 

Plus, there's a whole new operating system: Raspberry Pi OS 'Bookworm'.

There’s a lot to learn about this exciting new computer, and you’ll find out all about it in this month’s edition of The MagPi.

We've reserved Raspberry Pi 5 boards
for The MagPi subscribers

Raspberry Pi 5 Priority Boarding

We’ve reserved Raspberry Pi 5 boards for subscribers to The MagPi magazine and HackSpace to pre-order. If you’ve got a print subscription to one of our magazines, you’ll be able to buy your Raspberry Pi 5 first. See Priority Boarding for more information.

Building new hardware, new silicon, and new docs for Raspberry Pi 5

Engineering and documentation interviews

Rob sat down with James Adams, CTO (Hardware) and Alasdair Allan (Head of Documentation) for an exclusive interview on the new hardware. They cover in-depth the new RP1 chip, and why it’s such an important feature in Raspberry Pi 5 and with the new Raspberry Pi connector for PCIe and M.2 implementations. The new power chip is explained in depth. Our feature digs deep into the Raspberry Pi 5 hardware and explains why it’s designed just the way it is.

Raspberry Pi braille readers bring literacy to non- and partially sighted readers.

Bristol Braille Canute 360

We’re incredibly proud of the variety of projects the Raspberry Pi community comes up with. Bristol Braille, developed the Canute 360, is the world's first multi-line Braille reader and is powered by Raspberry Pi Zero. This innovative device generates entire paragraphs of copy, and converts a Terminal window into Braille for non- and partially-sighted people. It provides a significant advance over traditional Braille devices.

Keeping a watch on things in style

Zelda Guardian Security Camera

Naomi has recreated a model of a Guardian from The Legend of Zelda to monitor her dog. This working model has a rotating head and uses a Raspberry Pi Camera instead of firing a laser. The result is a fantastic camera project that’s lovingly recreated and painted to look just like the real thing.  

Control a model railway

Control a model railway

Stewart Watkiss has spent the last few issues of The MagPi explaining electronics and circuit control. Now it’s time to put it to use by controlling a model railway. This tutorial features servo motors and Raspberry Pi along with an L289N H-bridge driver on a motor control board. This enables Raspberry Pi to power and control the train directly on the track. 

Trick or Treat with Raspberry Pi

Trick or Treat

It’s nearly time for Halloween and Rob has created this fangtastic feature packed with ghoulish projects. It’s got everything from haunted mirrors to talking doorbells and an automated candy dispenser. 

Learn robotics with Raspberry Pi

Learn robotics with Raspberry Pi

If you’ve ever fancied making a robot, either the wheeled variety or one with arms and legs, then our Learn Robotics spread has all the resources you need. Discover some of the best makers around, along with easy-to-use kits and tutorials, books and websites

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