PSPi: Raspberry Pi Zero inside a Sony PSP

By Russell Barnes. Posted

The PSPi project replaces the innards of a Sony PSP with a Raspberry Pi Zero

PSP (PlayStation Portable) was one of Sony's finest portable gaming consoles. The predecessor to the PlayStation Vita had a large TFT display and both analogue sticks, d-pad and buttons.

This makes it an ideal case for the Raspberry Pi, which boosts its internal power. The PlayStation Portable had a 333Mhz CPU and just 32MB RAM, while the Pi Zero has a 900Mhz CPU and 512MB RAM.

More importantly, the Pi Zero allows you to run Linux OS and emulating OS systems such as RetroPie. You can emulate PSP games in RetroPie, but also the huge range of other systems (such as Playstation 1, SNES, and MAME).

The PSPi project replaces the innards of Sony's console with a Raspberry Pi Zero. We think it's the ideal way to update an old PSP for modern gaming.

PSPi: Building a Pi Zero PSP

"This is the project I've been working on and documenting at for the last couple months," says Adam, the project's builder. "It's the second version of the PSPi, and includes many updated circuits. It's complete now, and the next version is in the works with some big changes coming."

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