Portable Raspberry Pi projects

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

Raspberry Pi is small and requires very little power. This makes it perfect for plugging in a portable battery and making your trips a bit more interesting. Here are some of the greatest ways to make your Raspberry Pi portable.

Raspberry Pi Zero AirPlay

Music anywhere

Need a portable speaker that anyone can control easily? This AirPlay speaker is simple and looks great. magpi.cc/airplay

Becca Cam

HQ Camera hack

The recent HQ Camera is a powerful sensor with some great lenses. It’s not a full camera, though, so Becca put it inside an old SLR. magpi.cc/beccacam

Lunchbox Arcade Game

Need food badly

A quick go at Street Fighter on a lunch-break is a tradition in some offices, and this takes it a little step further by combining the two. magpi.cc/lunchbox


Incognito gaming

Stuffing a Raspberry Pi Zero into a mints tin is an incredible accomplishment in itself, and mintyPi takes it a step further to be a whole game system. magpi.cc/mintypi


Game Boy converter

There are a few ways to turn a Raspberry Pi into a portable handheld, but this all-in-one kit from PiBoy DMG is one of our recent favourites.

$130 | magpi.cc/piboydmg

Portable Raspberry Pi 4 computer

Recycled parts

HackSpace magazine editor Ben Everard made this very quickly with some spare parts and a handmade wooden ‘case’. It does the job surprisingly well.


Ruggedized Raspberry Pi Portable


When planning for many kinds of fictional apocalypse, people seem to always forget the tech part. This rugged laptop will help there and in the real world.


Wearable time-lapse camera

Conspicuous fast-motion

A very cool use of Raspberry Pi that lets you walk around and get a nice little time-lapse of your day.


From The MagPi store