Raspberry Pi Pip-Boy builds are not at all uncommon – something about a cross-section of nerds and the fact it has ‘Pi’ in its name probably helps. We particularly like this version that uses scrap to make one from scratch.

01: Prototype

As you’re making a lot of parts from scratch, prototyping with cardboard or paper on each step is a great way to make sure your patterns and cuts and modifications will work in real life. Remember: gluing stuff back together ranges from ‘a big pain’ to ‘impossible’.

02: Test

As with most projects, you should probably get your Raspberry Pi and custom software up and running before installing it. Testing as you go is always a great way to fix mistakes before you seal something into a case.

03: Wear

If you plan to wear it for a costume or at an event, do a trial run around your home during a normal day. You’ll quickly learn the best way to wear it without either damaging it or other things around your home, and find out how dexterous you still are.


  • Wide-bore pipe (such as a piece of drainpipe)

  • Scrap plastics

  • Small container

  • Foam floor mat

  • 3.5˝ display

  • KY040 rotary encoder

  • 3 × LEDs

  • 2 × push-buttons

  • Power bank

  • Wiring

From The MagPi store


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