Official Case for the Pi Zero W with three covers

By Russell Barnes. Posted

How to use the Pi Zero W case with its three different covers including the new camera cover

Launching alongside the new Pi Zero W is a new official case. This Pi Zero W case with three separate lids enables you to keep your Raspberry Pi safe. Turn the Pi Zero W into a camera or use in any number of projects.

The official Pi Zero W case design is similar to the stunning Raspberry Pi 2/3 case. The same design team, Kinneir Dufort, is responsible for creating the Pi Zero W case.

It’s an amazing case which shares a lot of design DNA with the original. It also comes in the same red and white colour scheme as the Raspberry Pi 3 case.

The case is composed of two parts: a red base and a white lid. They clip together to contain the Pi Zero. On the rear of the red case is a cut-out to allow room for GPIO pin edges and solder.

The white cover is interesting. You don’t get just one lid; three are available:

Pi Zero W official case with three covers

Pi Zero W official case secure lid

The first is a solid cover that keeps your Pi Zero W components secure.

The safe cover clips on to the Raspberry Pi case, completely sealing up the Raspberry Pi. Perfectly shaped holes on the side of the case enable you to access the USB and HDMI ports. It makes for the cutest computer around.

Access the GPIO pins in the official case

Pi Zero W GPIO cover

The second has a rectangular slot enabling you to access the GPIO pins.

The GPIO cover has a cut-out section that enables you to access the GPIO pins without removing the lid. Another cut-out in the base allows room for solder and pin edges (on the reverse of the board), but could be used for GPIO access too.

New Pi Zero W official case camera cover

Pi Zero W camera case

The third is the most striking. This cover contains a holder for the Camera Module. The camera clips onto the inside of the lid, and a perfectly sized gap enables it to take photos through the cover.

Each Pi Zero W case comes with all three covers, so you can use it whichever way you choose.

Using the Pi Zero W official case

Pi Zero W official case

The Pi Zero W board fits snugly inside the case while perfectly formed holes provide port access.

The Pi Zero W board clips into the case using four protruding clips. These connect to the four mounting holes on the Pi Zero W board. It snaps securely to the bottom of the case.

The Camera Module is attached to the inside of the camera case lid. Like the Pi Zero W board, it snaps into place with the four plastic protrusions.

The Pi Zero W official case comes with a Pi Zero W camera cable. With this, you connect the Camera Module to the Pi Zero W board.

When you buy the Pi Zero W official case, you get the red case and all three lids. The case lids are interchangeable, and one lid enables direct access to the GPIO pins on the Pi Zero W.

We think the camera cover is the star attraction. It holds the Camera Module in place and resembles a digital camera. We can’t wait to see what Pi Zero W projects the community makes with integrated wireless and camera functionality.

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